here is my Geocache website. I list what I've found and pics of the hunt.

I log my finds a number different ways. CCCCrnr is my screen name. KI4NHK is my FCC call-sign. And I use my name too. ----

January 9-10, 2007
The Bridge on the River Kohl was my son and mine's 4th geocache. It is

Geocacher's Delign in the Spanish Community Park of Bridgeton, MO. It was a cache my son and myself found after sundown.

January 7, 2007

My 1st cache find was with my Dad and my son.
It was the Cat's Airport Travel Bug Inn. It was an ammo box found under some rotten logs. The location was N38o 44.940 W90o 24.033 off a trail in a Bridgeton Park.

The second was Bridgeton Bushwack. It was a slow push through the woods until we found the place. This one was a rubbermaid tub with a white lid located at N38o 44.906' W90o 24.906'.

The thrid goecache was found in Oak Valley Bridgeton Park. It was a small peanut butter jar which was camo'd. The location was N38o 45.368' W90o 24.605'.

here I'm just showing more pics from Geocaching

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