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header: ~/jscript/LinAlgerbra.js --- To do matrix Linear Algerbra

[cols, rows] = size(array);

dotproduct = dot(vectorA, vectorB);

CrossProductVector = cross(vectorA, vectorB); --- must be 3 elements

Transpose_of_A = transp(MatrixA);

[Product_A_B] = matxProd( MatrixA, MatrixB); --- matrix multiplicaiton of MatrixA * MatrixB

determinant = det(A); --- determinant of MatrixA

[Adjount_Matrix] = adjoint( A ); --- adjoint of MatrixA

[M] = matscalmut( c, MatrixA); --- multipy scalar value c time MatrixA

header: ~/jscript/calculus.js --- to do derivative or intergral calculus

[x', y'] = derivNum(x, y); -- x is an array of x positions & y is an array of the function positions of x

area = intTrap(x, y); -- trapizoidal rule for numerical intergration

area = intSimp(x, y); -- Simpson Rule for numerical intergration (computational simplified version)

area = intNum(f, a, b, s, m); -- where f is a f(t) in javascript "Math.f(t)" term, the domain is from a to b where a & b are real numbers,
        -- s is the number of segiments the domain is to be divided, and m is the numerical intergration method

solve symbolicly a function at Wolfram Alpha .com using mathmatica

Math tutorials and pratice Khan Acadeny instruction videos

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